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Reba McEntire blasts off with a third season of her TV show, a new album and plans to return to the concert trail

Right now, Reba McEntire just might be the hardest working woman in show business.

The radiant redhead is filming another season of her hit TV sitcom, Reba, has a new album in the works and is putting together plans for an upcoming tour.

"I've got 12 songs ready to go," declares Reba of the new CD, scheduled for release by year's end. "This will be my first album of original songs since 1999. And I will definitely tour again, probably starting next summer, so I'm very excited about that, too."

It's already shaped up as an exciting year for Reba. First, her popular series was renewed by the WB network.

"A lot of TV shows never make it that far, but I don't feel like we've beaten the odds yet," she admits. "As soon as you don't make the dollar anymore, you won't be around, so I'm not taking any of this for granted."

Capping off her big year, Reba added to her mantel of trophies when she received the Country Radio Broadcasters Career Achievement Award in Nashville. Two of her best buddies, Trisha Yearwood and Sara Evans, saluted her with a medley of some of her past hits. Raved Trisha, "I think the top female in country music has always been Reba."

Reba takes all the accolades and awards in humble stride. "I'm still me," she insists. "Maybe a little more knowledgeable than I was 20 years ago -- but I'm still the same old country girl."