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ON THE CHARTS: "Down This Road" ALBUM: Down This Road, set for release in May MEMBERS: Adam and Shannon Wright HOMETOWNS: Newnan, Ga. (Adam), LaGrange, Ga. (Shannon) FORMED: 1998 FAVORITE ALBUMS: Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger (1975); Ray Charles' Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul (1963); Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (1976) GREAT EXPECTATIONS
The Wrights are the first signing to Alan Jackson's own record label-and Adam happens to be Alan's nephew. "I almost feel like we have to prove ourselves," he says. "Like our songs have to be better, our singing has to be right, our album's got to sound great." Disappointing his uncle, Adam jokes, "would make family dinners a little difficult." THE FIRST TIME
The duo began when Shannon was looking for a guitarist, and her cousin recommended Adam. Recalls Shannon, "We played for four hours, like we'd been playing together forever." LOVE BLOOMS
Their professional relationship turned personal. "I probably made the first move, but it was mutual," says Shannon. They married on Sept. 21, 2002, and moved to Nashville the same week. "I think I was in shock at the end of that week," she chuckles.