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WHO'S NEW: Fanny Grace

Current Single: "Sweet Tea and Cadillacs WHEN PAUL MET CARMEN
Paul Reeves, guitarist and primary songwriter:
"We met in Los Angeles, over 10 years ago. On my first day there, I pulled into a hotel parking lot and saw Carmen, who was dropping off a friend. I said, 'If you give me your number, when I have a car and someplace to live I'd like to take you out.' "

Carmen Mejia, vocalist: "He wasn't laying it on that strong, really - he was very friendly and subtle."

Paul: "Our music is a melting pot. I'm from Northern Ireland and I have a Celtic, folky, country background, and Carmen is from Los Angeles, with an R&B and country background."

Paul: "We moved to Nashville a few months ago, but we've bounced in and out of town for about three years. It's the best community for songwriters."

Paul: "If we can stay in this industry and make a living, that's success. We'd like to share it on a bigger level - and hopefully that's what we're doing right now."

Fanny Grace's new album, 321 Broadway, is due out in February. Find them online at