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Hot Lines

Many older brothers regard their younger siblings as an annoyance.

But without his older brother Jay, Aaron Lines wouldn't be a rising star.

"My brother was always my biggest fan," says Aaron. "He's an unbelievable guy." When a teenage Aaron was first learning how to play guitar and write songs back in Fort McMurray, Canada, Jay supported and encouraged his little brother.

"My first time playing in front of people was for him and his friends," remembers Aaron. "He really pushed me to do it, because I was so shy."

With Jay's encouragement, Aaron began singing in clubs around Fort McMurray and recording his own songs. After attending college in Edmonton, five hours south, Aaron started getting attention from record labels in Canada and the U.S. He made the big move to Nashville two and a half years ago and scored a record deal in summer 2001. "I still go home as much as I can," he says, "but home base is Nashville at this point."

One reason he goes home so often is that his girlfriend, Dana, still lives in Fort McMurray. "I don't get to see her that often, but I really care about her," he reports. "It's hard, but hopefully it'll be worth it in the end."

Aaron's career efforts have been worth it already - they've paid off in his first hit, "You Can't Hide Beautiful." It's an ode to women who underestimate their beauty. "With my sisters, and every girlfriend I ever had, it was this common thread," he says. "That was something I wanted to say to them, and could never find the words."

The song will be on Aaron's debut CD, due early next year. True to his roots, he recorded half the album in Nashville and half in Vancouver, Canada. "Being Canadian, I wanted to do some of it up there," he explains.

With his album completed, Aaron is ready to take on the world. His goal is to succeed enough to help others - in particular his favorite charity, the Big Brothers And Big Sisters. After all, a big brother set him on the path to stardom.

"It's kinda cheesy, but I figure there's not enough role models out there," he says. "I wouldn't be here without the support of my big brother, and I can't imagine not having that."

-- Chris Neal