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Daisy Dern - 'Back' In Business

Daisy Dern's "Gettin' Back To You" was a hit that nearly didn't happen. When we went into the studio, I was having allergy problems," Daisy Dern recalls. "So I said, 'Why don't we just forget this song? I'm having trouble singing it.' And my husband said, 'You never know, this might be your first hit!' That taught me a little lesson."

Daisy has learned quite a few lessons lately - mostly about following your dreams. Those dreams began in San Francisco, where she grew up loving the country music her parents played on the family stereo. By age 15 Daisy was writing her own songs and performing, and after college, in 1992, she came to Nashville - maybe a little too soon.

"I left after five months," she says. "But after about two years back home, it dawned on me one day: 'Now I'm ready.' "

So she returned to Music City, where she met and fell in love with singer/songwriter Dave Gibson. After initially resisting the urge to work together, the pair became a writing and performing team - and cemented their relationship by marrying in 1997.

But when their daughter, Savannah, was born two years later, Daisy came to a realization. "A lightbulb came on," she explains, "and I said, 'Uh-oh, I've been here five years, and I haven't made it as a singer yet.' It scared me a little bit. I saw that my chance might slip away."

So she asked Dave to produce a demo for her, which caught the ear of Mercury Records. They signed her up, and soon Daisy was recording her debut album, Little Dreams, slated for release in late February.

Now she must meet the demands of both her blossoming career and her family - which isn't always easy. "It's hard to juggle working with being a wife and mother," she says.

Nonetheless, she lights up helplessly at the mention of her daughter's name. "Savannah's a handful," jokes Daisy, cousin to actors Bruce and Laura Dern. "She's got a lot of energy, and she's very talkative and likes to sing. She's a cute little angel girl. I love her so much."

When Daisy goes on tour, Savannah will be along for the trip - and daddy Dave will be playing in the band. Daisy looks forward to taking her family act on the road.

"I always wanted to sing for people, and if possible, to bring some message of happiness to them," she says. "And it makes me so happy to do it."

-Larry Holden and Chris Neal