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From a fire on the highway to a surprise birthday party thrown by Tim and Faith, Kenny Chesney shares his personal diary - an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into his life on the road.

We asked Kenny Chesney for a peek into his private world - and boy, did he deliver! Kenny not only gave us a detailed account of 24 hours in his life, he went the extra mile by keeping an insightful and deeply personal journal for several weeks. From hanging on the bus with his band to getting ready for a big show and jetting off to the islands, here - in his own words - is a unique window into the otherwise private world of a superstar.

9:00 a.m. Wake up

The beauty of the bus is that even though every day I wake up somewhere else, I'm always in "my" room and in "my" bed. When your eyes open, even if you're not sure where you are - because backstage parking lots tend to look the same - you're in familiar surroundings. It's just easier to get out of bed, ready to attack the day ... no matter what's in front of you.

9:20 Breakfast

Sometimes I go into catering [at the venue]. Sometimes I just whip up something on the bus. My basic breakfast remains the same, though: an egg white omelet and dry wheat toast. Every single day. At first it was boring. Now, though, there's something about the routine that feels right.

10:30 Workout

When we're on the road, we always have the venue help my trainer, Daniel, coordinate with a gym. Sometimes we work-out at colleges. Other times, we go to commercial gyms. But either way, if Daniel's out there, I know he's going to push me. There's a point where it hurts, but it feels great, too.

12:00 Lunch

Along the way, I came to figure out that food is fuel for the body. You eat to perform - though being a country boy, I obviously love all those things Mom, Aunt and Grandma cooked for me. So if it's not a business meeting, lunch is a quick thing. It might be skinless chicken breast, some broccoli or a Subway turkey on wheat with extra jalapenos, lettuce and tomato.

I eat with whoever's around. Or else, I'll have a moment of quiet time to just think about the rest of the day. To be honest, I'm usually stuck on the phone dealing with things that you wouldn't even believe are part of doing this career!

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-- Story by Kenny Chesney