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The inside scoop on country's biggest, wackiest, sweetest and wildest walks down the aisle

Best two-for-one

Reba McEntire and fiance Narvel Blackstock were sitting in the Los Angeles airport when Narvel devised a wedding plan. Reba had an upcoming performing date at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, so ... "He asked me, 'What do you think about us getting married in Lake Tahoe?' I loved the idea," Reba recalls. After hurriedly spreading the news to both families and making a slew of last-minute plans, Reba and Narvel became husband and wife on Lake Tahoe's beautiful Emerald Bay. Following the ceremony, Reba performed her first concert of the night, then rushed over to her reception, which Caesars catered. She capped off her big night with another show.

"That much activity would kill me if I had to do it today," Reba laughs. "But I was young back then."

Comfiest wedding

No country couple said "glamour" more than Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who announced their wedding plans after a whirlwind courtship. But glitz was definitely not the order of the day at the actual ceremony, which took place with no advance notice.

Tim and Faith were married the same day as Tim's annual Swampstock fund-raiser in Rayville, which included a softball game and concert. Afterward, everyone gathered at the backyard of Tim's aunt Barbara Harper, with many of Tim's friends decked out in their baseball uniforms.

Tim, meanwhile, arrived in a pair of jeans that he had washed at Aunt Barbara's. "The jeans got grass stains on them about an hour before the wedding," Barbara recalls. "They were almost dry for the ceremony."

Faith sort of stuck to the dress code, combining casual with a touch of elegance. "I just wanted to be all-natural and very comfortable," said Faith, who wore a designer dress - but went barefoot. "I couldn't believe I did that, because it took me three months to find the right shoes for my wedding."

Well, a girl has the right to change her mind!

Wildest change of plans

Darryl Worley and his future wife, Beverly, had scheduled a lovely Saturday church wedding - but the buildup was stressing them out something awful. Darryl even suggested putting off the ceremony, but as the couple went to the courthouse to pick up their marriage license, Darryl hatched another idea. "As we were leaving the courthouse," says Darryl, "I looked at her and said, 'Would it take some of the pressure off you if we just went and got married at the courthouse?' She just grinned and shook her head yes."

So Darryl and Beverly turned around, walked back up the courthouse steps and tied the knot right then and there!

And here's where it gets really wacky - the next day, guests showed up at the church for the wedding. They were told what happened, but that didn't put a damper on the fun. Everyone happily enjoyed cake and champagne at the reception. "It was pretty cool, actually," admits the laidback Darryl.


In front of around 200 guests, Alan Jackson cleared his throat, mustered up all the nerve he could, and sang a version of "The Wedding Song" to Denise, his high school sweetheart. Alan admitted that his voice was a little shaky, but he made it through perfectly.

"I think he was more nervous about the singing than he was about getting married," recalls Denise of the romantic moment.

Tastiest cake decoration

Texas country met Hollywood glamour when Clint Black wed actress Lisa Hartman Black on a farm outside of Houston. She provided a lighthearted moment when she topped the cake with a miniature scene of Clint relaxing in a Jacuzzi.

Clint, who writes practically all of his own songs, also composed his wedding vows. And here's what he said to Lisa: "Our two lives will become one life. Together, the two of us will overcome what would overcome one."

Wackiest wedding

This could only happen to a comedian. Jeff Foxworthy, a rising young comic, and girlfriend Gregg didn't have a dime to their names 19 years ago, but that didn't stop them from getting hitched.

Jeff, who was working in New York, tried locating a minister who would marry him and his fiancee - by going through the phone book. "Jeff only had one day off from the comedy clubs, and we had to get married that day. But we couldn't find a justice of the peace," says Gregg. Jeff finally found a minister who would perform the ceremony, but Jeff couldn't come up with the fee for the chapel. The minister suggested Central Park, which is where the couple said their vows, witnessed by Jeff's friend Rob Bartlett - and a park groundskeeper! The groundskeeper, however, didn't exactly share the romantic mood, pleading with the minister to prevent the throwing of rice. But Rob cut a deal with the guy. He'd give the maintenance man $20, and let him be in the wedding photo - if he'd let them throw rice.

The wedding somehow came off smoothly. And instead of a rehearsal banquet, the couple splurged for lunch at New York's trendy Tavern on the Green.

Great expectations

This time, things were going to be different for Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw. As they announced plans for their Sept. 2001 wedding, the two stars - both known for their colorful personalities and multiple marriages - declared that they had finally found "the one." This union was going to last, no matter what.

Yet there were skeptics - this marked Lorrie's fifth trip down the aisle and Sammy's fourth. But Lorrie insisted that Sammy was, "The love of my life. He's made me believe in love again." Sammy in turn vowed that this marriage would be his last. "I've never married my best friend before - but I am now."

But events turned ugly this November, when an argument at Sammy's farm near Nashville escalated into a shouting match, accusations of domestic violence - and, ultimately, divorce proceedings. After just two years, what started out with the greatest of expectations looks to have an unhappy ending.

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