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Web Exclusive: Stripped Down

Darryl Worley bares all about his Playgirl appearance, his love life . . . and more.

Here are selected Q&A exchanges between Darryl and CW during an exclusive interview.

CW: Did you get photo approval for the Playgirl spread?

DW: It wasn’t really part of the deal, but the guy who took the photographs allowed us to go through and say, “this setup really doesn’t do anything for me . . . and I don’t like the way I look in this . . .” that kind of thing. He basically said, “Leave me enough photos here so I can go back and show them I did a photo shoot!” He was really, really cool about it. We had kind of gone through there and almost picked a few things that would probably be the photos they would use just because, a lot of times when you do a photo shoot, there’s just certain ones that kinda jump out at you. We had that kind of a thing goin’.

CW: Are you seeing anybody romantically these days?

DW: Oh, I don’t know. I might have a couple of mystery girls somewhere [chuckles]. But, naaah. Right now, I’m fresh out of the fryin’ pan and I’m just tryin’ to get my thoughts together and get my career rockin’ and I’m just concentratin’ on some other stuff right now. I haven’t been too busy thinkin’ about all that stuff. I’m pretty content right now just to get past some of the issues I’ve been dealin’ with ‘cause of the divorce and just workin’ on the music and new deals and all that kind of stuff. So it’s keepin’ me real busy and I ain’t got time for all that, you know?

CW: So nobody you had to run the Playgirl thing by and say, “all right, darlin’, . . . are you OK with this?”

DW: Oh no. I think that video we did with “Love Thang” was one of the straws that broke the camel’s back when it came to me and Beverly [Darryl's ex-wife].

CW: Did you tell her about this [the Playgirl shoot] . . . as a friend?

DW: No, I think she knew about it and she’s had nothin’ but positive things to say. She said, “I’ve had to defend you to quite a few people in Savannah, down home. I just told ‘em ‘hell, if I’d been workin’ out like that and if I looked that good, I’d be in Playboy!’ “ (big laugh) So she was pretty cool about it. Our communication and our relationship is probably the best it’s been in years. We’re kinda back to bein’ really great friends. I would always be there for Beverly if she needed’s just been real cool. We got through this thing without losing the friendship. And that was always my hope and prayer.

Check out Darryl's story in the July 16 issue of Country Weekly.

[Darryl Worley photo courtesy of Jim Havey PR]