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Web Exclusive: LeAnn’s New Shape

Diet and exercise add up to a buff bod for the red-hot singer.

LeAnn Rimes shows off a fantastic figure on the cover of the July issue of Shape magazine—and inside, she shares the secrets that earned her that beautiful body.

The 25-year-old superstar says that, hoping to feel healthier and more energetic, she recently revamped her diet and exercise routine. She and husband Dean Sheremet began substituting healthier alternatives for the high-fat foods they craved—for example, having grilled chicken with sauteed spinach and garlic instead of fried chicken with mashed potatoes. For more strength and endurance, LeAnn took on a weight-training program in addition to doing yoga and walking her dogs several miles at a time.

The results? “I’m proud to say I can bench-press my own body weight!” declares LeAnn, whose new Family album hits stores on Aug. 28. For more on LeAnn’s buff new bod—and how she got it—check out the current issue of Country Weekly.