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Web Exclusive: Jack Ingram

Jack Ingram continues to soar as an artist with his unique brand of edgy sounds.

In the June 4 issue of Country Weekly you’ll find a revealing article on Jack Ingram. Here is a exclusive—even more comments from Jack Ingram and Shaun Silva, director of Jack’s “Measure of a Man” video.

CW: Why do you like working with Jack so much on his videos?
Shaun Silva: I think more than anything with Jack—first of all, I love his music—but he just brings a great vibe, a different vibe. He’s a Texas boy, so I think you get that sense and that influence. There’s certainly a certain style that comes from that, and the fact that he is kind of a little edgier than your typical country artist. But it’s who he is. He’s not tryin’ to be something that he’s not. This is who he is, he’s genuine. That’s what Iove.”

CW: How much of your recent success is because of your new Big Machine record label?
Jack Ingram: If you talk to my dad, he says it’s all of it. His point is, and my dad’s biased, but he’ll say, “You’ve been great for years. I’ve seen you put on shows that knock everybody out. And I’ve seen you make records that are fantastic.” He’s been asking me all the time, “What’s different about your stuff and what’s on the radio?” And I agree with him . . . not about the greatness part . . . but there’ve been two changes. One, I’ve got a manager that really busts his tail—every day, all day. And two—and neither one of ‘em is more important than the other—the label is huge. It’s a big, big, big deal. I can’t say it loud enough.

CW: Are you emotional? Do you cry easily? Anger easily? What can push both of those buttons?
Jack: I am emotional. I feel things deeply. I cry in movies . . . or I tear up in movies [smiles]. I’ve got a rep. to protect. I do get angry, but I’m not really demonstrative about it. I take a lot of my aggression out onstage. I take a lot of my emotional energy and put it into my songs and into my music—writing and performing. That’s where a lot of the intensity in my shows comes from. I get to feel, very intensely for that period of time. But any time when people are thoughtless. That’s the thing that really gets under my skin. I mean when people are thoughtless to other people personally. That’s something I think says a lot about character. So that’s one of the things I write people off about . . . that’s not my kinda guy.

[Photo by Gregg Roth]