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Web Exclusive: Gettin’ Serious

Trace Adkins tells it like it was . . . and is . . . in his new video for "I Just Wanna Feel Somethin'."

"I’m from the generation . . . you know there aren’t really gonna be anymore . . . but I’m from the generation where all the information we got when I was a kid was from three channels and a newspaper . . . and that was it. And I was the remote control until I left the house! It was easier to entertain us back in those days...and easier to shock us. Because, we got our news on three channels and we got it a couple times a day, and that was it. And we didn’t have the Internet and we didn’t have YouTube and all that insanity. And maybe every generation has said that, but I don’t know, I just seem to think the world is legitimately going pretty much nuts at this point."

Check out the story about Trace's video of "I Just Wanna Feel Somethin'" in the July 16 issue of Country Weekly.

[Trace Adkins photo by Chris Hollo/Hollo Photographics]