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Web Exclusive—William Lee Golden: Resurrection

William Lee Golden and his family restore their historic home one year after a deadly tornado.

In the July 30 issue of Country Weekly, we took you to the newly restored home of Oak Ridge Boys member William Lee Golden. William Lee’s historic home, which dates back to 1786, was devastated by a 2006 tornado that took the lives of several people in the area. Here’s more on the home from William Lee.

“This home was built like a fortress, so the structure protected our family,” he says. “It was built with the finest of accommodations that they had at that particular time. So what we tried to do was have it rebuilt with the finest materials they have for today’s living—with wiring for computers, modern telephones, the things we use in today’s environment.”

William Lee adds, “We have taken parts of the home back to its original size. The original home had big rooms upstairs with tall ceilings. But after a tornado hit in the 1890’s, the roof was lowered. Now, we have raised the roof to where it was when it was first built.”