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Wearing underwear as a costume ... scamming for candy ... dressing in drag! These are just some of the experiences the stars fessed up about when we asked them to recall their most memorable Halloween ever.

At age 11, Carolyn Dawn Johnson discovered that her Fozzy Bear costume came in handy in her freezing Canadian hometown. "It was a full-body outfit that was furry and soft," she says. "I wore it for a few years after that so I could play in the snow."

Alabama native Brad Cotter went in the opposite direction with his costume one year. "The funniest costume I ever went with was when I went in my boxer shorts," he chuckles. "That didn't go over real well with the neighbors - 'That's the preacher's kid in his underwear on the doorstep!? "

Brad's fellow Nashville Star finalist George Canyon also once gave the neighbors a surprise when he was 9. "I dressed up as Dolly Parton," he chuckles. "My mother has pictures, and they will never, ever surface! I need to call her and ask her to burn them."

Joe Diffie can't forget his final trick-or-treat outing. "I was 13 years old, and knocked on some lady's door," he says, recalling his thrown-together pirate costume. "She told me in no uncertain terms that I was too old to be asking for candy. She closed the door without giving me anything!"

Jimmy Wayne also recalls a Halloween scheme that didn't quite work out. "Me and my friend exchanged costumes so we could go back through the neighborhood," he explains. "It didn't work, because we still looked like the same two kids - whether I was wearing his costume or he was wearing mine!"

Anthony Smith once wreaked havoc with a devilish adolescent prank. "We had some friends with pumpkins on their porches, lit up with candles," he says. "And me and my buddies snuck up and dropped M80 firecrackers in them. They just blew up everywhere! They didn't hurt anything - other than the pumpkins. But I feel really bad about it, and I think those friends finally found out it was us."

David Ball had an unfortunate candy experience when he was just 3. "When we got home, I came in with a bag that had a hole in the bottom and nothing in it!" he laughs. "I was so little that I was dragging the bag - and wore a hole in it."

Andy Griggs' horseplay once cost him and his brother candy. "My grandparents bought us those Star Wars light sabers, but we ending up fighting with them and got in trouble. We had to go home and miss Halloween! No candy - but it was worth it!"

Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary Levox singles out last year as his fave. "My wife and daughter were both witches," he recalls. "Brittany's 4 now, and just at the age to get what Halloween is about. To be able to hold her hand and go door-to-door as a parent was really cool."

Fellow Flatts member Jay DeMarcus was in a very convincing Spider-Man outfit last year - and discovered he's as much of a star in costume. "I flew to Ohio to take my niece and nephew trick-or-treating," he says, "and all these kids started lining up around the block to get their kids pictures taken with Spider-Man!"

Lonestar's Dean Sams is also enjoying Halloween more as an adult. "Taking my daughter Britney and my son Bryson out trick-or-treating for the first time and seeing the excitement on their faces," he marvels, "is something I'll never forget."

The guys in Montgomery Gentry have differing memories of somebody dressing in drag for one Halloween.

"It was Troy and John Michael!" says Eddie Montgomery, referrring to his musical partner, Troy Gentry, and his older brother, John Michael Montgomery.

"I have never worn women's clothing," objects Troy. "But John Michael was dating someone who dressed him up like a woman."

"So, out of the three of us," says Eddie, "it was John Michael Montgomery who wore the dress!"

"The one person," laughs Troy, "not here to defend himself!"