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Today host Katie Couric plays Country Weekly reporter to get the inside scoop on what's next for country's multitalented main attraction. PART 1

From the moment she introduced herself to Tim McGraw as "Katie Couric from Country Weekly magazine," it was obvious that the Today show host was having a blast taking a break from her day job for a different sort of assignment.

She confessed to being nervous about stepping into the role of magazine reporter, but there was no need to worry-after all, Katie is an expert at getting the juiciest answers out of America's biggest stars on live TV every weekday morning.

Tim certainly qualifies: He's a multitalented country superstar who's racked up 21 No. 1 hits, won nine CMA awards, sold 33 million albums worldwide, written a best-selling book (2002's This Is Ours) and starred in two popular TV specials-not to mention that he's raising three daughters (Gracie, 7; Maggie, 6; and Audrey, 3) with wife Faith Hill. He began taking his career in some unexpected directions last year, garnering raves for his performance in the box-office winner Friday Night Lights and enjoying a chart-topping pop duet with rapper Nelly, "Over and Over."

Tim was a few minutes late for the interview because, as he sheepishly admitted, he lost track of time while playing video football on his Xbox. All was quickly forgiven, as the two began reminiscing about the last time Tim visited Today, with daughter Gracie in tow. "She felt like a big girl, being able to go to New York," he recalled. "She loves New York. She's gonna be either a movie star or a rock star."

The ice broken, the twosome got down to the business at hand. In the first installment of their exclusive chat (watch for part two in Country Weekly's April 11 issue), Katie asks Tim about what he's doing now, what he's planning next-and what life in the McGraw home is really like.

She also poses the eternal question on everyone's minds: boxers or briefs?

- Chris Neal

To read the first part of the interview from Katie Couric to Tim McGraw, pick up the new Country Weekly hitting newsstands on the sale date of March 14!