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Web Exclusive! Get ready for the CW cover story on their decade of marriage with a look back at the wedding day.


Throughout our Tim McGraw and Faith Hill “10 Years of Love” cover story in the current issue, we have “Happy Anniversary” well-wishes from such fellow stars as Montgomery Gentry’s Eddie Montgomery, Barbara Mandrell, Craig Morgan and even The Killer himself, Jerry Lee Lewis. Here are a couple more congratulations we wanted to share with you:

“This is ole T-Roy wishing Tim and Faith a happy 10th anniversary. It’s great to see couples stay together these days. God bless y’all for 10, and many more to you.”

—Troy Gentry of
Montgomery Gentry

“Faith is the most graceful woman in the world. She can wear a baseball cap and still look absolutely gorgeous. And Tim—since my debut single is called “Tim McGraw”—we all know I’m a fan of his. Congratulations to an amazing couple.”

—Taylor Swift

Be sure to check out the cover story in the current issue of Country Weekly on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and their “10 Years of Love.” It’s loaded with great photos that showcase a moving celebration of the two superstars’ decade of marriage, family and true love. But exclusive to our website is this look back at the wedding that started it all.

Tying the Knot . . .
By the time Tim and Faith arrived in his hometown of Rayville, La., for Tim’s annual Swampstock fundraiser on Oct. 6, the romantic heat between them had been building throughout the summer of 1996 as they performed together on their perfectly named Spontaneous Combustion Tour.

Still, it came as a surprise to most of the roughly 75 family and friends in the backyard of Tim’s aunt Barbara Harper when what they thought was a brunch before an afternoon softball game turned into a poolside noon wedding. Stunning floral arrangements decorated the yard and a string quartet played as guests arrived.

A barefoot Faith looked radiant in a simple white dress and veil, while her groom wore a long black jacket, boots and jeans. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Adrian Pater, who had baptized Tim about 20 years earlier at the Woodlawn Baptist Church in Rayville. Amazingly, none of the guests at the wedding shared the newlyweds’ secret throughout the afternoon softball game. They left it to Tim to make the big announcement during his evening concert performance.

“We’re going to do this song on my new album,’ he told the crowd, “and I hope you guys like it—it’s for my new wife.” As Tim started singing “It’s Your Love,” Faith joined him onstage—and the roar of the hometown audience was deafening!

After the concert, as Tim and Faith walked, arm in arm, toward his bus, she said simply, it was a day of “complete happiness.”

The October 23 issue of Country Weekly featuring "10 Years of Love" goes on sale October 9.


We asked you to send your best wishes to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for their 10th anniversary, Oct. 6—and more than 300 of you answered the call! Here are a few of your heartfelt messages to Tim and Faith:

“When I see the two of you together, it is so obvious how much you care for each other. . . . It is the hope of all married couples to have a relationship like that. I admire the two of you so much and wish you a happy anniversary and many more happy years together!!”

—Nancy H., Ft. Wayne, Ind.

“Mr. and Mrs. McGraw, I just want to say: in this day and age of throwaway marriages—THANK YOU so much for showing the public that a high profile couple really do have what it takes to stay together, raise a family right, and still be as down to earth, real, and sweet as the two of you are. You warm my heart with your love for each other. Congratulations on 10 years and God's blessing for many, many more.”

—Denise Heckman, Graham, N.C.

“The two of you give hope to us all. In a world full of broken relationships and divorces, it is so refreshing to see a couple so sincerely in love. Continue to trust God to keep your love strong and may you continue to be role models to couples not only in Hollywood, but across the world.”

—Daphne Saxton, Lynchburg, Va.

“Tim & Faith,
Unlike most celebrities, I am proud to look up to two figures who model amazing commitment and devotion to each other. You inspire me with your ability to balance a happy marriage, a beautiful family and your remarkable talents. Thank you for sharing your love with us. From my family to yours, best wishes and happy anniversary.”

—Matt Maynard, Bellbrook, Ohio

“My husband and I celebrated our 36th this summer. I wish you as much happiness as we have had.”

—Gayle Scofield, San Antonio, Texas

“Happy anniversary from your loving fans Patty and Paul. We thank you for all the wonderful songs. PS—Boston was great!”

—Paul Gelinas, Springfield, Mass.