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Joe Diffie, Mark Chesnutt and Tracy Lawrence team for a blowout tour

Take three honky-tonk heroes - Joe Diffie, Mark Chesnutt and Tracy Lawrence - mix in 75 cities, and you've got country's biggest traveling party! The stars are calling it the Rockin' Roadhouse Tour and will hit the road this summer beginning in Fargo, N.D.

Though they've been friends for years, this marks the first time that the threesome has joined up for a full-blown tour.

"It's going to be a blast!" proclaims Joe, whose "In Another World" has rocketed into the Top 10. "We all came up around the same time so the three of us can definitely relate to each other."

"This is the kind of show that, as a fan of country music, I'd love to see," declares Tracy. "It's going to be great music and great fun."

Though it'll be months before the trio will hit the road, the tone has already been set. Joked Tracy, "The original name for this was the Working For Joe Tour, because that's really what Mark and I are doing."

"Well, it looks like we're stuck together!" cracked Joe. "Hey, I need a little excitement in my life."

Fans will certainly get a lot of excitement out of this star-packed show. "We're all sharing the same band," explains Joe, "so there will be very little downtime between sets. Fans will love that."

What's more, they'll also join in on each other's hits. "But we're gonna give Joe all the high parts," laughs Tracy.

"Heck, I'd like to sing along on all their hits," declares Joe. "We've actually talked about one of us singing the lead part on another guy's song, just for fun. We're also trying to write a theme song for the tour - something that we open every show with."

"I think we've put together a great package for the fans," says Mark, who plans to release a new album this summer. "We've had a lot of hits that fans recognize."

When the three amigos take to the highways, they'll be leaving family behind. Joe's wife, Theresa, will join him occasionally, and Tracy hopes to hook up with wife Becca and their newborn daughter Skylar on a few dates. Mark, however, prefers to leave his three sons at home with wife Tracie.

"The road is not the place for three little boys," explains Mark.

But it's the right place for party-hungry fans, claims Joe.

"Folks seem to have a renewed desire to get out again, and have an old-fashioned good time," he says. "Tracy, Mark and I plan to do the same out there on this tour. We're ready to kick things into high gear!"

-- Bob Paxman