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They Love Me for Me

Miranda Lambert opens up about her love of animals, her 700-acre spread and making music with her beau, Blake Shelton.

Country Weekly’s David Scarlett recently hung out with Miranda at a canine-filled photo shoot and chatted with her about her April 20 benefit for the Humane Society of East Texas. Here’s some of what the “Gunpowder and Lead” girl had to say.

When I saw you at Blake’s place in Oklahoma a few weeks ago, you mentioned that your adopted puppies, Jessi and Waylon, were not supposed to be up on the furniture, but that you and your mom occasionally gave in and let them on the sofa. So, are you being tougher on them now . . . or still bending the rules now and then?
They’re not inside dogs. They come into Blake’s house because he’s got concrete floors. And when he’s not there, they might get on the couch. [she laughs] When he’s not home they have a little more free reign. But when he comes home, he’s like the stern dad. “Ok, they can’t do that stuff.” But they’re just too big to live inside. And they’re farm dogs, so they’re constantly dirty. So I’m tryin’ to be stern with ‘em, but I do give in sometimes.
Tell me about your involvement with the Humane Society of East Texas.
I was trying to get involved a couple years ago. I didn’t really have a charity of my own, to speak of. I kinda just did things for other people. And I really wanted something that I was proud of, that was my passion, to be involved in. So I went over to the Humane Society of East Texas and volunteered a couple times, walked the dogs. ‘Cause I love animals. And I just wanted somethin’ I really have a passion for, which is animals. So I’d go over there and volunteer. Then I got Delilah. And once I had a dog . . . it really took a turn. “Now, I’m really part of it, ‘cause I adopted a dog from here.”
What I like about it is it’s in my hometown. (Tyler) So I’m helpin’ my hometown stray dogs and cats—and whatever else they have there. Sometimes they have ducks and pigs. They get all kinds of things. But the people who work there are animal lovers and they’re good people. And the facility is really nice. I like it because I can see physically and put my hands on where the money’s going. It’s not like it’s one of those things on TV where they’re sayin’ “send money.” ‘Cause you don’t know if your money is goin’ to a good place or not. It could be a ripoff. And this place, I can put my hands on the dogs and on the people that it’s helping.
My fans have jumped on board so much. At every meet and greet, somebody brings me a check for the Humane Society of East Texas. I’m so glad that I’m able to help them. It’s not a huge deal and I’m not helping the whole country or anything. But I’m helping my hometown animals, and that matters, too.

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