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Flashback: June 21, 1980

After seven years as one of country's favorite duos, Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton called it quits in 1974. Dolly had dreams of pursuing a solo career, and Porter agreed that she was ready for stardom.

"Dolly had reached the point where she needed to go out on her own," says Porter. "That was something we had both worked towards." But their close business and personal relationship went sour after the breakup, with Porter suing Dolly in 1979 for violating a contract.

"Part of my agreement with Dolly," explains Porter, "had been that when she went out on her own, I would be paid for the things I'd done for her." Porter was referring to the fact that he had produced Dolly's records without pay and had split their duet profits evenly. He was to receive a percentage of Dolly's earnings for the next five years.

Porter's suit claimed that the payments had not been made. Although he and Dolly eventually settled out of court, some bitter feelings lingered. But time helped heal the wounds – and on June 21, 1980, Porter and Dolly were back on the charts with "Making Plans," which reached the Top 5.