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SHeDAISY blooms after personal heartbreak and happiness

Story by M.B. Roberts -- Photo by Brian Summers

For SHeDAISY, the last three years have been the best of times and the worst of times. Since sisters Kristyn, Kelsi and Kassidy Osborn burst onto the scene in 1999, they've scored three Top 10 hits, and they've sold nearly two million copies of their album THE WHOLE SHeBANG.

Success was sweet. But for Kristyn it came with a price: While happily married Kelsi made family plans and still single Kassidy found new love, Kristyn endured a painful divorce earlier this year.

"With the first record, everything was simpler. Life wasn't as complicated," confides Kristyn.

"With all the changes in our lives the last few years, it's just different now."

Kristyn, who had a hand in penning all the songs on SHeDAISY'S new album, Knock On The Sky, did what songwriters do during tough times: She wrote about it.

"When people hear the music, it's like a peek into what's going on in my head," explains Kristyn. "It's a little scary."

Even though Kristyn admits she's anxious about revealing painful feelings on the record, she acknowledges an upside. "I feel like all this has helped me grow into where I was striving to be as a writer," she says. "I'm writing the things I'm feeling. And the more complicated it gets, the more you have to say."

SHeDAISY fans have been anxiously awaiting what the sisters have to say, at least musically.

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