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For years, Brady Seals and Porter Howell of Little Texas never let on about the inspiration for one of the group's biggest hits. But now it can be told - it started at a wild bachelor party!

Little Texas guitar player Dwayne O'Brien was the groom-to-be. "We all went to a strip club in Dallas," confesses Brady with a somewhat sheepish laugh.

"Every time one of those girls would come out, the guys in the club band would yell out, 'Hello, Texas!'

"You know, I've traveled the world, and some of the prettiest girls I've ever seen have been in Texas," adds Brady, who recently married a beauty himself, singer and TV personality Lisa Stewart. "There's got to be something in the water down there!"

That idea stayed with Brady and Porter as they relaxed in a hotel swimming pool the next day. "We got to talking about how God really blessed Texas women, because they were just so beautiful," recalls Porter.

With the title "God Blessed Texas" in mind, Brady and Porter ended up writing the song in about 30 minutes. "The first part of the opening verse - I've seen a lot of places, I've been around the world - poured out very naturally, and the song just kind of birthed itself," explains Brady. "As soon as we finished, we knew we had something."

Brady was right on target. "God Blessed Texas" was a huge 1993 hit that put Little Texas on the map.

"It definitely defined who Little Texas was," reflects Brady. "We were a party band and we liked to come in and stir it up. We had that whole rock 'n' roll image, we were all young, and the song played right into that."

More than 10 years later, the song still packs a wallop. The Ford Motor Company recently used it for its TV truck commercials, proclaiming that "Ford is the best in Texas."

The song also played a part in the 2000 presidential campaign of George W. Bush. "I heard that it would play whenever he would enter a building," notes Brady, with pride in his voice. "That was really cool for us."

Brady smiles and shakes his head. "It still gets played even today," he says.

"It's been one of those songs that just keeps on going and going."

-- Marianne Horner