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Chris Cagle drew on his childhood adventures for inspiration for the hit "Chicks Dig It."

As a kid he draped himself in a makeshift Superman cape and charged friends a nickel to see him leap off the backyard shed - which always ended in a crash landing.

"I didn't break my arm, but I'd hurt myself pretty bad," laughs Chris. "All the neighborhood kids would come over and watch 'Chris the Great!' "

Besides the dangerous stunts, Chris would put on plays, ride mechanical bulls - just about anything to impress girls.

Years later, while on tour in Canada, Chris mulled over song ideas with Charlie Crowe, guitarist for Brooks & Dunn. He began reflecting on those childhood memories - and his story about the Superman cape led to humorous tales of antics they pulled just to get the attention of women.

"We sat down to write a song for guys," Chris explains. Three hours later, the two had finished "Chicks Dig It."

Chris admits he was hesitant to put the song out as a single. But radio and fans loved the song - and "Chicks Dig It" became a Top 5 hit in December 2003.

"I wasn't sure if the feminist groups were going to get mad that I was using the word 'chicks' for the gender," he says. "But everybody who has listened to it has understood that it was not at all a slam towards women. It was more that we were talking about the stupidity of ego and what it does to men. And that women actually like us doing things that make us look like fools in the name of romance."

These days Chris admits that it's been a long time since he's done anything wild and crazy to impress a woman.

"I've kind of calmed down in that regard," he says softly. "I'm more focused on career - especially after my divorce. I'm getting to understand that you don't have to be lonely when you're alone. I thought when I married Elizabeth I'd be married until I died. When it fell apart because of what I love - my career - it kind of set me straight."

He may say he hasn't done anything lately to attract the opposite sex, but fans could argue with that. After all, the reason he became a country singer is because chicks dig it, right?

"Yeah, exactly!" says Chris with a burst of laughter.