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Still sitting on the musical sidelines, Garth Brooks gives pro baseball another swing and keeps the rumor mill turning with leading lady Trisha Yearwood.

Garth Brooks - looking slim, trim and tanned - has spent a long day on the baseball field, sweating in the hot Phoenix sun as he trains with the major league Kansas City Royals. He's reserved almost an entire month to be with the Royals at their spring training camp.

And no, he's not chasing a new career. Garth's goal is to play in a few games and hopefully come through with a hit or two.

But it's not exactly a walk in the park. Garth is hustling as fast as his 42-year-old body can possibly take him, and he's getting his uniform dirty, but he's still hitless in several at-bats.

"The guys have told me not to quit my day job," Garth jokes in a post-game interview. "I'm sweating my butt off, just trying to look like the least worst guy on the field."

As worn out as he is, though, he's not too tired to hit the town for dinner and a little dessert - with some very special company alongside.

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-- Story by Bob Paxman