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Celebs in Cyberspace

Some country stars can dazzle computer guru Bill Gates when it comes to tackling the Internet, while others don't exactly sparkle when going high-tech.

"If I'm hunting for a piece of weight lifting equipment, or if I'm trying to see if there's a great airplane bargain out there somewhere, I'll use the Internet," admits Aaron Tippin. "But, boy, I can get lost fast!"

Jessica Andrews loves going online. "I don't really shop online, but I look at the shopping sites a lot," she explains. "Several of my favorites are, and I like to see what's hot."

Newcomer Carolyn Dawn Johnson says she loves to cruise the cyber highway. "I like to look at other artists' sites," declares the "Georgia" singer.

"I also like to look at places to travel - I'm always dreaming about places to go."

Wade Hayes knows his way around the global village, but he'd rather be anywhere else. "Computers have come in handy a few times, just researching stuff," he notes. "But I like to be outside too much."

Sammy Kershaw hones his financial skills on the computer. "I trade stocks online," he explains. "And I like to visit eBay now and then, to see if they have something I need to have! Plus, if I need information about something like woodworking or hunting, I can find it. I have fun on the Internet."

Terri Clark is an e-mail master. "That's my way of communicating with the world," she confides. "I seem to be better at getting my point across [via e-mail], writing it down rather than trying to tell somebody on the phone. Because I'm kind of a wimp, and I'm not very good with confrontations."

Chris Cagle, whose latest hit is "Laredo," shies away from cyberspace. "Unless I have some type of necessity for instruments or gear or clothing, I don't really go on the Net," he declares. "Technology scares me!"

Brad Paisley, however, uses a computer to keep his songs organized. "When I come up with a song idea, I'll write it down on a piece of paper and slip it in my pocket," notes Brad. "And when I get back on the bus, I enter it into my 'ideas file.' I never lose them that way."

Brad's pal Chely Wright values a pillow more than a computer. "I'm not online at my house 'cause I'm afraid I wouldn't sleep if I had it there!" she laughs. "I'd be up 'til four in the morning reading about Zimbabwe or something. And sometimes sleep is a good option!"

- Jennifer Masters