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Song for America

Donna Fargo is back with a musical message for all Americans.

In the Sept. 8 issue of Country Weekly, Donna Fargo, best known for “The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A.,” talked about her current song, “We Can Do Better in America.” The song is being played on several radio stations and is also available for listening at her website,

Here’s more of what Donna had to say about the song.

“This was just an inspired song from the get-go,” says Donna. “The response has just been amazing. One radio station DJ faxed us and said that it was one of the most powerful songs he had ever played. Another radio person said his phones were ringing off the hook after he played it.”

Donna adds that the song is not political or aimed at any particular political party. “I just hope that it’s making people think a little bit,” she says.