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Terri Clark's racy new video for "Girls Lie Too" shows men that turnabout is fair play.

If you think Terri Clark's new video is risque, consider the one they almost made. As it is, the clip for "Girls Lie Too" - her new hit that pokes fun at how women beat men at their own game - will raise eyebrows, and produce plenty of belly laughs. But the video's tame when compared to what almost came to pass.

In the clip that did get released, a woman spins through a series of wild scenes with a swashbuckling pirate modeled after the Johnny Depp's bad-boy role in the hit film Pirates of the Caribbean.

"You know how a lot of women love men who are bad for them?" asks Terri while taking a break between scenes. "We wanted to portray that in a funny, lighthearted way. And we wanted a really sexy, roguish character as the lead ... Wasn't Johnny Depp just the hottest guy ever in that movie?"

Alas, it's not Johnny Depp in the video, but rather director Shaun Silva dressed in pirate costume. "As devilish as Johnny was in that movie, I think he represented something a lot of women fantasize about," says Terri. "What is it about those guys that women like? We all ask that question. It's one of the great mysteries of life."

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