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Reba McEntire: Christmas and Beyond

In the Dec. 29 issue of Country Weekly, Reba McEntire talks about her family’s Christmas traditions and her plans for the future. Here are a few online-only outtakes from our talk with Reba:

On Christmas Traditions

“A tradition that we started when I got married to Narvel [Blackstock] was from his mother, Gloria Blackstock. Before we open gifts, we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus. When we used to go to her house, she would tell the story about Jesus being born in the manger in Bethlehem, how hard it was on Mary. She’d tell the whole story, then we’d ‘Happy Birthday’ and open gifts.”

On Singing with Her New Record Label, Valory

“I am thrilled to death. When Scott [Borchetta] started Big Machine and then the Valory Music Co., I thought that was the opportunity to team back up with Scott. He understands me and I understand him. We both understand what it takes to be successful in the business and to work hard. Neither one of us is afraid to work hard and get the records out to the public and make sure the fans get to hear the songs, get radio and be able to get the music to the fans. It was very important to me to team back up with Scott and his team. I got to meet them all at the party after the CMA Awards and they are all excited and that is really important to me.”

On Her Clothing Line

“I am hands-on with all the designs and stuff. With the clothes, I pick out the fabric, the silhouette. I try on the clothes on also, every piece, and then we make our notes. If something is really selling well but something is wrong with the underarm, we make that note and we will make the corrections on it. All of these things, I am very much involved in.”

On Her Evolution

“I think that my music has kept up with the times and my look has kept with the times. I have to stay current, and I think that takes more energy and more time and hanging out with younger people. I think that is why [touring with] Kelly Clarkson has been so good for me. I love to be on stage with her every night. We have fun. I get the biggest kick singing ‘Miss Independent’ and just having a blast and rockin’ out. Then she gets right up there and sings ‘How Blue.’ Staying in the mainstream of things helps. With Narvel being a manager for Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson, I get the information, the inside scoop on what is going on.”

On New Year’s Resolutions

“I do not make them because I break them. Last year mine was that I was going to quit gossiping and talking bad about people. I kind of imagined that every time I talk bad about people my throat was going to get sore and that was my punishment. I need to quit gossiping. That is a hard habit to break, I promise you.”

For more on Reba McEntire, check out the Dec. 29 issue of Country Weekly.