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There's a new sheriff in this California town, and she's calling the shots. Heck, she's even triggering Clint Black and his stunning actress wife, Lisa Hartman Black, to plot an escape to a distant ranch.

Who does this sheriff think she is, anyway?

She's 6-month-old Lily Pearl Black and, make no mistake, as Clint and Lisa's first child, she rules the roost in their Los Angeles home - and a jubilant dad and mom wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's Lily's house," confesses Clint with a hardy laugh. "The house has been taken over by baby things. And once she starts becoming mobile, it's really gonna change - because the whole house has to be looked at from one foot off the floor!"

Clint reveals that Lily's clout extends beyond the house. "I sold my sports car," he confides, "so now the new car - a sedan with airbags - is Lily's car."

Lisa chuckles. "She's an awesome superbaby. She's cutting her teeth, turning over and saying da, da, which makes Clint very happy. I really think she's just making baby noises, but it's da, da, and," she grins, "it's definitely not ma, ma!"

Clint evidently believes Lily is calling him daddy. After all, he's proclaimed she's so smart she'll probably enroll in college when she's 12.


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