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From bad drivers to bad manners, find out what sends the stars up the wall!

Everybody has a pet peeve, something that's so annoying that it drives them crazy. It can be anything from an everyday aggravation to a philosophical divide - for instance, Faith Hill hates getting lint on black clothes, Steve Holy can't stand to see long toenails and Big & Rich's Big Kenny pegs his peeve as "prejudice."

Many stars are frustrated by slow drivers. "I don't like people who think they're auxiliary policemen and drive the speed limit in the fast lane," says Trace Adkins. "That just wears me out. I just wanna run 'em in the ditch!" Billy Currington and Big & Rich's John Rich also express a dislike for fastlane slowpokes, while John Arthur Martinez is more upset when he gets cut off in traffic. "I hate when people in cars zoom past you and get in front of you, then make an immediate right turn," he says.

Rhett Akins' problem, on the other hand, is in the passenger seat. "When I'm driving with somebody and they turn down the radio to talk, that drives me crazy," he says.

Loud gum-chewers are also a popular target. "I hate when people chew gum obnoxiously," says Gretchen Wilson. It's not the chewing that unnerves Ira Dean of Trick Pony - it's the popping. "When a girl pops her chewing gum over and over, it gets on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard," he says.

For Daryle Singletary, hearing others chew ice isn't nice. "Unless it's me," he jokes. "That makes it OK!"

Disrespect is definitely not OK with Jimmy Wayne. "I don't like people who are purposely disrespectful." "People on airlines who are sitting behind you, but try to pass you when you're trying to walk off a plane - that's rude," says Steve Azar. "Other people want to get off, too!"

One way to display bad manners is to be late - and Buddy Jewell doesn't like it one bit. "I'm never early, but I'm always on time," he promises. "People who are late with no legitimate excuse is my biggest pet peeve," adds Neal McCoy.

Don't waste Ricky Van Shelton's time, either. "Now, with computers, it takes you half an hour to buy something in a store," he gripes. "We ought to start charging them right back. My time is expensive, baby!"

Smoking is another bad habit with few fans. "I can't stand smoke in restaurants and clubs," says Sherri? Austin. Adds Jennifer Kinley, "I hate it when people smoke and have no concern for the nonsmokers around them."

Newcomer Julie Roberts can't bear disorganization - even though she admits she's a victim of that bad habit herself. "My room is a mess right now," she observes ruefully. "I can't find anything!"

Sometimes it's the little things that really get to people - Blue County's Scott Kennedy can't stand toilet paper hung the wrong way! His partner Aaron Benward is irked when he drops things.

"One of my pet peeves is utensils facing down in their holder in the dishwasher," says Heather Kinley. "How can they get clean?" Dierks Bentley hates getting caught in the sun without his shades. "My eyes are very sensitive," he notes.

For Brett Warren of The Warren Brothers, a loud nose is a no-no. "I don't like it when I'm sitting next to an older gentleman whose nose is whistling and he doesn't try to clear it or stop it," he says. Rodney Atkins understands. "My pet peeve is people who snore really loud but they don't admit they snore," he says. "We've got a guy in the band who keeps the whole bus awake!"

And if you're peeved by someone else's peeves, remember how judgmental people get on Jeff Bates' nerves. "As soon as you start finding fault with other people, I think it's to make you feel better about yourself," he figures. "We don't have the right to judge others."