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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill welcome their third daughter - and plan their future together

Story by Chris Neal

Audrey Caroline McGraw's big sisters couldn't wait to meet her - and now they can't wait to play with her. "They already want to dress her up!" says proud papa to all three girls, Tim McGraw. "That's the only thing they can't figure out: why they can't dress her up yet." He beams at the very thought of his little ones. "But they love her. They're incredible."

Audrey apparently couldn't wait to meet her sisters, either - she came into the world at 4:39 on the afternoon of Dec. 6, about a month before her January due date.

Even though it's routine for premature babies to be placed on respirators, rumors immediately began swirling that the baby was in dangerously poor health due to her early arrival - gossip Tim dismisses.

"It would probably be different if there was truth to it, but it didn't bother us at all," he says. "It was just funny. People know that it's all bull. We've got our baby at home, and she's healthy and happy, and we're happy, and that's all that matters."

"Maggie, Gracie, Tim and I couldn't be happier," seconds his superstar wife, Faith Hill.

A report even spread after the birth that Tim and Faith wouldn't be able to bring their new baby home until after the holidays, but Tim assures that the family did indeed celebrate Christmas together at their home outside Nashville with Audrey. The newest McGraw, by the way, is named for her mother, whose first name is Audrey - Faith is really mom's middle name.

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