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Billy Ray is the first country singer to play a doctor on television, but certainly not the last. If others starred in their own medical shows, would they be something like these?

Wrapped Around - In this zany sitcom, chiropractor Brad Paisley puts his incredible flexibility to hilarious use by secretly moonlighting as a circus contortionist!

Breathe - Faith Hill stars in this comedy as an award-winning respiratory therapist who, ironically, keeps neighbors awake with her own snoring!

Shiver - Jamie O'Neal plays a doctor who leaves her practice in Arizona for a remote town in Alaska to test her controversial method of treating hypothermia.

B.U., R.N. - Jo Dee Messina stars as Barb Underdone, Registered Nurse, whose love life heats up when old flame, Dr. Bunsen, returns to town.

Put Yourself In My Shoes - In this saucy sitcom, Clint Black plays a maverick Texas podiatrist who falls for a gorgeous foot model (played by Lisa Hartman Black) seeking his special "hands-on" treatment for her collapsed arches.

Living And Living Well - George Strait plays a nutritionist at a Texas fat farm whose specialty -- tofu barbecue -- melts the pounds away. But George refuses to "Run" when a wealthy land baron on an adjoining spread tries to take over his business.

Drive - In this fast-paced drama, Alan Jackson stars as an ambulance driver with a laid-back attitude -- but when it's time to save lives, he puts the pedal to the metal.

The Cowboy In Me, M.D. - In this wacky comedy, Tim McGraw is just an ordinary neurosurgeon -- until he's somehow possessed by the spirit of Buffalo Bill and starts lassoing wheelchairs, spitting across the room into bedpans and carrying his scalpel in a holster!

Heart Shaped World - In this lighthearted comedy, Jessica Andrews goes for laughs as a young cardiologist whose focus on her work causes big trouble for her social life.

Digging Up Bones - Randy Travis is an adventurous coroner on the trail of a serial killer -- but can he solve the mystery before he becomes the next victim?

Broken Wing - Martina McBride is a small-town veterinarian who treats a wounded eagle and afterward discovers an amazing superpower: She can fly!

All Over Me - In this prickly thriller, dermatologist Blake Shelton puts himself in harm's way developing new treatments for acute skin disorders by inflicting them on himself. From poison oak to ringworm, this fearless doc's slogan is: If it's "All Over Me" ... I'm All Over It!"

Good Morning Beautiful - Steve Holy is a skirt-chasing plastic surgeon who does his most daring operations at night!

I Wanna Talk About Me - Toby Keith is a persuasive psychiatrist who successfully prods buttoned-up patients to spill the beans about themselves.