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The Warren Brothers are ready for prime time!

After being told again and again that they were were too country for rock or too rock for country, The Warren Brothers finally decided to stop worrying about it.

"We decided to do our thing," says Brad, "and it's actually working better than it ever did before."

"We stopped trying to please everybody, and started pleasing ourselves musically," adds Brett. You can hear what's pleasing them musically on Well-Deserved Obscurity, the Warrens' first album in four years. The new album showcases the rebellious streak and irreverent wit that helped the Warrens charm audiences as judges on the TV talent show Nashville Star earlier this year. "We're a little brash, personality-wise," admits Brad with a chuckle.

Now the brothers' cheeky personalities have won them a reality show on CMT, Barely Famous With The Warren Brothers. "It shows a different side of the music business," explains Brett. "It's about what we do - and we are friends with some guys who are definitely famous."

One of those guys seen palling with the Warrens is Tim McGraw, with whom they're touring this year. But the show's focus will stay mostly on the brothers' own relationship.

"It's just funny, the fact that we're brothers and get along, yet we fight and disagree constantly," laughs Brett. "If I saw the show and didn't know us, I'd go, ?Gosh, this is hilarious!' "

While the Warrens' biggest hit, 2000's "Move On," reached No. 17, they haven't seen the inside of the Top 40 for three years. But their new single, "Sell a Lot of Beer," is getting some airplay, and they hope the success of mold-breakers like Gretchen Wilson and Big & Rich bodes well for their own cutting-edge country.

"Who cares if you're different, as long as it's good and people are enjoying it?" reasons Brett. "This is what we are, and we're going to try to do as good a job as we can.

"We're in a very good place, we're very happy musically and we're ready to rock and roll!"

Alanna Horner