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Considering an offer to pose for Playboy, Terri Clark reveals the skinny on sex appeal, her surprising comeback and doing it all

In Terri Clark's latest hit she sings, "I wanna do it all" - but will that include baring it all for Playboy?

"I'd pose nude, sure," says Terri. "I've done that before ... just not for a magazine!" she jokes.

Terri recently came in second - just behind Shania Twain - in a poll that asked its readers which female country star they'd like to see in the famous men's magazine.

"I'm trying not to think about it too much," admits Terri. "But it's becoming more of a reality now that we're talking to them [Playboy]. I'm not afraid of expressing myself in a healthy way. I never have been. And the fact that I came in second behind Shania - who's probably one of the most beautiful women on earth - was pretty cool. And we're both Canadians.

"For my entire career I've always been about inner strength and not really leading with sex," adds Terri. "So this has been an interesting thing for me. It shows me that people out there do find strength and empowerment sexy, which is wonderful."

It's been an overall empowering year for Terri. After a dry spell of no radio play, she found herself last year with a comeback hit, "I Just Wanna Be Mad." But when the next single, "Three Mississippi," struggled on the charts, Terri began to wonder if her days as a hit country singer were numbered. But then "I Wanna Do It All," the third single from her Pain to Kill album, started climbing the charts toward the Top 10, and Terri had one thought. "Thank God!" she admits.

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-- Story by Wendy Newcomer