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Why Vince Gill doesn't mind if all his dreams don't come true - and why wife Amy Grant thinks it's good for him to break a golf club every now and then.

With a happy marriage, beautiful children and a successful career that stretches back for 25 years, most of Vince Gill's dreams have come true.

But one, thankfully, has not.

"I used to have dreams about being stuck outside naked a lot," says Vince. "I would dream that I couldn't get back in my room, and I was just out in the street completely naked.

"Maybe I should start wearing pajamas when I sleep," he chuckles.

Then there's this one: "As bizarre as it is, I have a recurring nightmare that I'm playing golf, and I always get faced with a shot that is completely impossible," he says. "I can't even describe it, other than there's no feasible way to ever hit the shot, and I keep walking around trying to think of what club to use - and I don't ever even hit the ball."

Neither of these dreams has come true - but then, this superstar notes that he's "not much of a dreamer" anyway, even when it comes to hopes-and-wishes dreams.

"I'm more of a realist, an in-the-moment type person," he says. "I just embrace this moment, and don't really look toward the future with a bunch of angst and wishes. I don't plan stuff, I don't keep a calendar real good, and I don't worry."

And why should he? He's got a happy home life, and his most recent musical adventure - the self-titled debut by the friendly supergroup he leads with pal Rodney Crowell, The Notorious Cherry Bombs - has become a critically acclaimed hit.

Then there's his marriage - he and Amy Grant have been wed for four and a half years now, and their daughter, Corrina, is 3. Amy has three children from her marriage to Gary Chapman, while Vince has a 22-year-old daughter, Jenny, from his previous marriage to former Sweethearts of the Rodeo singer Janis Gill.

- Pat Gallagher

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