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My First Job

Before they hit the big time, country’s top stars toiled in a variety of odd jobs.

They might have left their paid-by-the-hour jobs behind for good, but some of country’s top artists remember all too well what they did to make a buck in the early days. Here’s what some of them had to say.


As a youngster in Yukon, Okla., Garth dug ditches and installed water meters. When he got a little older, he took on a job as a bouncer at Tumbleweeds in Stillwater, Okla. “I was by far the smallest of the bouncers, but I needed the money,” Garth says. Garth met his first wife Sandy at the same club, after she put her fist through a restroom wall.


When Sarah was living in her hometown on Lawrence, Kan., she worked in a trailer making snow cones. “It was not air conditioned, it was nasty,” Sarah laughs. “Picture this––a teeny little trailer with coolers all in the back with the shaved ice and sticky syrup all over everything. And bees were flying all around. Then I went to Smoothie King and made smoothies.”

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