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Gearing up for another blockbuster tour, KENNY CHESNEY talksabout a heartbreak that healed, rumors that he got married, andthe personal insights you'll find on his new album

The waves are lapping at the shore only a few feet away from the feet of Kenny Chesney, relaxing at his favorite hideaway in his beloved Caribbean islands. The country superstar couldn't be farther from the cold winter temperatures of his Music City home - but that doesn't mean his mind is staying off Nashville.

"I've gotta go back in about a week and go to work," he says with a smile. "I've got an album coming out."

That album is the brand-new When the Sun Goes Down, Kenny's eighth record. He describes it as "a sigh of relief from all that emotional stuff from the last one," referring to No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems, a collection of songs filled with tales of damaged relationships and heartbreak. "The No Shoes album was a portrait of me emotionally, what I was going through with my ex-fiancee," admits Kenny. "There was a lot of hurt on that record."

For the first time, Kenny is finally ready to talk about the heartache that followed the breakup between him and his former fiancee, Mandy Weals. They called it quits in 2000. Mandy even appeared in the sun-soaked video for Kenny's hit "How Forever Feels," frolicking with him in the sand and surf. When the relationship ended, Kenny poured his pain into his work and relied on friends, family and getaways to the Caribbean to help in the healing.

"I realized one day that I wasn't going to make anybody happy for the rest of my life until I made myself happy," reveals Kenny. "So time was a big factor. And experiencing the islands down here made me realize I still had a good life and a lot to live for. I learned how to be happy again. Mandy and I don't keep in touch anymore. But I'd do anything for her. She's getting married and we've both very much moved on."

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-- Story by Wendy Newcomer