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More Cooking From Kevin Fowler

The Texas star talks about his rising career––and Tex-Mex cooking.

Rising star Kevin Fowler, a favorite on the honky-tonk circuit, fired up one of his favorite dishes, steak topped with enchiladas, for the Jan. 14 issue of Country Weekly. Here’s more from Kevin, who’s just released his latest CD, Bring It On.

CW: You also have a new single out right now.

Kevin: The new single is called, “Best Mistake I Ever Made.” It’s a lot different from the previous single, “Long Line of Losers,” which kind of makes fun of certain people––like that relative who is always annoying you. We’ll probably shoot the video for “Best Mistake I Ever Made” in Nashville soon.

CW:You seem to enjoy Tex-Mex and southwestern cooking.

Kevin: That is my favorite kind of food. The recipe for the steak with enchiladas is kind of a Tex-Mex thing. A lot of the restaurants in Austin, where I live, serve it. My favorite thing to do is grilling, usually steaks. At home, I have a couple of specialties––fajitas and wild game.