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Montgomery Gentry: Guitars, Girls & Cars

Montgomery Gentry's new video for "What Do You Think About That" has a strong message and a whole lot of fun!

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry called from New York recently to chat with CW's David Scarlett about the making of their new video and some other things near and dear to their hearts. Here's some of what the rockin' duo had to say.

CW: I know you shot your video a few miles south of Nashville on a very warm day. How hot was it?

TG: It was right at the beginning of our hot season, and it was a hot day that day. I don’t think it had reached the triple digits yet, but it was well into the ’90s.

CW: How many logs did you have to split to get that shot?

TG: [Big laugh] It was funny. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to chop wood with an axe! I’m a chainsaw guy now. It took three or four little licks, and getting’ in the right stance and the right distance with the axe and the log, before I finally made a good connection to split one.

CW: Any need for fake sweat?

TG: It was all natural. I’m a sweater anyway

CW: Speaking of doing manly things, Eddie, it was pretty impressive when you threw that baseball at the gasoline sign in the video...and nailed it. How many times did you have to throw it?

EM:[Big laugh] I hit it the first time! I hit it the first time. I couldn’t believe I hit it the first time either. The deal was, we actually had a pistol. And I was aimin’ at the gasoline sign and we was gonna shoot the sign with a gun. And they were goin’ … ”Well, that might be a little too much.” And I said, “Well, that’s what I think … [laughs] when you look at these gasoline prices.” But the baseball was cool. I could see where they were comin’ from.

CW: Troy, I know you and Eddie are both into fast cars … ever been in a drag racing kind of situation like in the video where a lovely official starter dropped a bandana and you put the pedal to the metal?

TG: It kind of reminded me to back when I got my first car. I had a ’71 Camaro. There was a place off Winchester Road back home in Lexington [Kentucky] that was just getting ready to start being developed. And there was a long straight stretch of road out there. We used to have drag races out there. Some guys would go out and race for pink slips. We’d all go out there on Friday night and throw down what we had.

CW: Pretty serious if you’re racing for the pink slip.

TG: We kinda joked around about it once … it never did happen. I actually ended up winnin’ a race once, but never did get possession of a car. But most of the time it was just for fun, and to show off what we had and what we had done new and most recent to our motors. And a big stereo system was a big thing too … seeing who had the loudest stereo system.

CW: What about you, Eddie, ever do any drag racing?

EM: Why … no, that’s against the law! [Big laugh] I don’t know anybody that ain’t. And I hate to say it, ‘cause I’ve got young boys. But there’s somethin’ about fast cars and guys. They’ve always gotta try ‘em. I guarantee you as a dad … or whatever … it doesn’t matter if it’s a Volkswagon or a truck … whatever you put ‘em in, they’re gonna try.

CW: The song reminds me a lot of "You Do Your Thing."

TG: As far as Eddie and I go … the world’s goin’ by us all too quickly. There’s too many good things and positive things in everybody’s individual lives … and troubles … that individuals need to concentrate on themselves … than to worry about what somebody else’s thoughts may be. Or to judge or condemn somebody before getting to know them.

CW: Started your next album yet?

TG: We are in the process. Blake Chancey was just out with us this past weekend. He’ll be producing the new record that we will start recording in October. We’ve been goin’ through song selection, tryin’ to find some stuff. We have three or four great songs that I know are gonna stick, that we’ll be cutting.

EM: We’ve found some songs that are just absolutely killer. ‘Course, we’re always tryin’ to beat ‘em. We’re just really getting’ some killer stuff.

CW: What else have you got goin' on?

EM: Did some Freedom Concert dates with Shawn Hannity … and we’re in upstate New York right now. We’re doin’ the last Freedom Concert on 9/11. It’s gonna be very, very, very emotional for everybody. It’s been totally awesome so far. And our sponsor, Jim Beam, gave ‘em a check for 10 grand. And we can’t say when, but we are goin’ back to Iraq. It’s a done deal.

To see and read more about Montgomery Gentry's new video, check on the story on page 54 of the 9/24 Country Weekly.