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Lila McCann reflects on a Complete new chapter in her career

Story by Darryl Morden - Photos by Tammie Arroyo


With the poetic grace of a ballet dancer, Lila McCann swirls around in an industrial loft. Her animated image ricochets off an array of mirrors. In jeans and a midriff-baring top, she's dancing and singing in a 1904 brick building that was once a Los Angeles trolley car substation.

"To shoot a video in a house of mirrors is really cool," declares Lila. "We've got a ton of colors with really bright setups and I'm in a box with mirrors on all sides."

She's filming the video for "Come A Little Closer," the debut single from her third album, Complete, due out this month. Now 19, Lila has truly grown up in the public eye. Her first single, "Down Came A Blackbird," hit radio when she was only 15. It was her growth as an artist - and as a young woman - that inspired the video's concept.

"We haven't done a video in two years," explains Lila, "so we wanted to do something different to reacquaint me with viewers and let them see me now. The video's director, Gerry Wenner, came up with the house-of-mirrors idea."

Viewers will definitely see a more self-assured and grown-up Lila. And they'll also hear her musical self-confidence as she delivers the upbeat and breezy tune that touts a bit of girl power.

"Exactly!" she proclaims. "It's a fun song about an empowered young woman saying come a little closer - to me. When I first heard it, I pictured a guy singing it, 'cause usually it's a guy who says, 'Hey, baby, come a little closer.' But this time it's me."

Between takes, Lila talks about her move out of her parents' house - way out - to L.A. from her hometown near Seattle about a year ago. She picked an apartment in Santa Monica, near the beach, though she hasn't had much time for famous local spots like the pier there, or the nearby Venice Boardwalk.

"The beach was important at first, but I never got there anyway, so I'm probably moving farther from the beach," she says, noting the search is already on for a bigger place so she can have a home office.

She'll be making the move with her new roommate. "I have a little dog, a Yorkie named Sugar. I got her as a puppy last October - and she's spoiled!"

There's no doubt Lila will keep her new place spic and span - she's discovered she's a mighty fine housekeeper. "My place is very clean," she confesses. "When I was at my parents house, I was messy, but now I stay at home and vacuum and dust," she chuckles. "It's so disgusting."

No matter how great a homemaker she becomes, Lila admits that romance is on hold for now as she focuses on her career.

"It's so hard to have time for stuff like that when you're on the road and touring," she acknowledges.

Well, what about all those slick L.A. guys with bad pick-up lines?

"Just this morning I was in sweats at the coffee place and some guy goes, 'Hey, baby, you're looking good!' I just said, 'Okay, thanks.' " Knowing how she was dressed, she certainly didn't need to check her image in a mirror to see that the guy was full of ... himself.

A few minutes later Lila's hair has a bit of extra shine after filming a scene simulating an exploding mirror. "All this glitter falls from the ceiling like pieces of a mirror and the video crew is throwing more glitter down on me. I toss my head back and the glitter covers my face, eyes and hair."

Two days later, a grinning Lila reveals, "I'm still getting the glitter out of my hair!"

Ahhh, the glamour of show business.