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Story by David Scarlett

Not many people get to hear themselves on the radio while driving down their own street, and passing a sign that has their name on it saying 'welcome' to your county!" declares Travis Tritt with a laugh.

But that's just what Travis gets to do since officials in his Hiram, Ga., hometown erected travis tritt highway and welcome to paulding county, home of country music star travis tritt signs to honor him for his community involvement.

"That's kind of cool," he smiles. "And it's something that'll be around long after I'm dead and gone."

These days Travis is having an impact on people and things that likely will be around after he's long gone.

"One of the good things about the break I took for almost two years was I got to do a lot of things in my local community," explains Travis. "I worked with the city to build a playground, and helped raise money to build youth centers for abused children. That opportunity to focus on the community where I'm raising my kids was really important."

Of course, some of Travis' efforts had a more direct impact on his own kids, daughter Tyler, 3, and son Tristan, 2.

Like an appearance as "Cowboy Travis" in a Sesame Street production of Elmo's World - Wild Wild West. The PBS program begins airing Labor Day weekend.

"To my kids," grins Travis, "I've been a struggling musician for years. But Dad's a hit now - because Dad's friend is Elmo!" he laughs. "That's a cool thing to show your kids, and we all had a lot of fun with it."

Travis is having fun with the music on his Down The Road I Go album, too.

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