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The next music you hear from Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood might just be the ringing of wedding bells!

"She is my best friend -- and sometimes people marry their best friends," Garth recently announced.

"I knew that if I ever let myself care about him in a deeper way than just being a friend," admitted Trisha, "I would fall madly in love with him."

It's been a long and uneasy road leading to that bridge from daytime friends to nighttime lovers. "I fought it," says Trisha. "But I finally said, 'OK, let's just jump in and see what happens.' This is my opportunity to be happy."

That's a slightly different tune from a year ago, when she admitted, "You can't really sustain a relationship when you're apart," referring to her busy tour schedule. "It won't really be until that changes and I'm not gone all the time that we will actually have an opportunity to see what's there."

Now that Trisha has taken a break from touring, Garth appears to be seizing that opportunity. He and Trisha are showing up arm-in-arm at industry functions and they've been writing songs together. What's more, rumors persist that the two are living together in Oklahoma -- though Trisha has denied them, maintaining that she's kept her Nashville residence.

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