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Lonestar’s New Guy

Young Cody Collins replaces Richie McDonald as Lonestar’s lead singer—what does it mean for the band?

Lonestar was left without a signature frontman after lead vocalist Richie McDonald left the group to pursue a solo career. The new singer, young Cody Collins, sat down with the rest of the band—Dean Sams, Michael Britt and Keech Rainwater—to talk about musical directions and the inevitable comparisons to come.

CW: Do you think Cody is ready for the comparisons to Richie?

Dean: We told him right off the bat that there are going to be people who say, “He doesn’t sound like Richie, he doesn’t look like Richie.” The reality is, we didn’t bring him in to fill Richie’s shoes. It’s about the future of Lonestar. Cody is an incredible vocalist and that’s what people are going to notice.”

Michael: Cody will be thrown to the wolves in a way. But we’re going to be like big brothers to him, and pick him up when he gets down.

Keech: If we tried to find somebody that sounded exactly like Richie, it wouldn’t work. This feels like the excitement of starting over. The vibe is better than it’s ever been.”

CW: Cody, are you ready for all this?

Cody: I think I am. I have always been a huge fan of Lonestar and Richie, and I know all their hits. So, that part won’t be hard. I just want to fit in and bring in some enthusiasm. One thing for sure—I’ll be teaching the guys how to bowl. I am definitely a good bowler. No way they can beat me!

CW: How will the direction of the band change?

Dean: From a lyrical standpoint, it’s definitely going to move away a little from what we’ve been doing. We’ve been known for a while as the band that only sings about family and kids. Now, nobody loves our families more than we do. But we also drink, we cry, we do crazy things, and I think fans want to hear that, too. Life is not always happy.

Michael: I feel like we just hammered one subject too long—it’s like showing only one aspect of your personality. Our new stuff will be a little edgier.