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Lee Ann Womack: Crazy Like a Fox

Her long-awaited new album may have its share of sad songs, but Lee Ann Womack is happier than ever.

It’s been three years since Lee Ann Womack’s There’s More Where That Came From won the Country Music Association’s Album of the Year award in 2005. And, while it’s taken her a while to get her new Call Me Crazy album completed, the dozen songs in the project—four co-written by Lee Ann—are definitely well worth the wait. Here’s part of what she had to say to CW about the songs and her growth as an artist.

“I love to write and I don’t always cut my own songs. I think I would really be doing myself a disservice, and the listeners as well, by not tapping into the great wealth of songwriters we have here in Nashville. But I always put at least one or two, this time I did four, of things that I wrote or co-wrote [on the CD]. But I really, really, really have to like ’em. They have to pass the test with me first.

“And hopefully you get better at something the more you do it. And I’m in the studio all the time because I write and go in and demo things or just go in and practice and play or whatever. So, hopefully, you do get better at something the more you do it. I won’t say it becomes more easy, but you go into it with more confidence. I don’t put as much pressure on myself to deliver.”

Here’s a complete track listing for Call Me Crazy:

  1. Last Call
  2. Either Way
  3. Solitary Thinkin’
  4. New Again
  5. I Found It In You
  6. Have You Seen That Girl
  7. The Bees
  8. I Think I Know
  9. If These Walls Could Talk
  10. Everything But Quits
  11. The King of Broken Hearts
  12. The Story of My Life

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