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Keeping Up with the Joneses (2004)

"Who would have ever thought I'd be here today?" marvels George Jones. Indeed, George, now 72, is as surprised as anyone. After all, for much of his life, he rambled, rocked, partied, fought and drank his way through the world - and many onlookers predicted his early demise.

One good reason George is still with us is his wife, Nancy. She's often been given credit for helping him turn his life around, and he obviously believes that's the case. They celebrated their 21st anniversary March 4, a feat that's especially impressive given that he'd been married and divorced three times before.

"I got a good woman, it just took about three or four of 'em to find her!" he chuckles. "Most of the problems I brought on myself in the past. I've just matured - I've mellowed out with age, you might say. I've learned to appreciate the things around me, and the people around me."

First among them is Nancy - even if George readily admits he's not the most romantic guy. "I'm on and off, you know," he says. "At my age, you don't get to stay too romantic anymore. I did in my prime, but I slowed way down." Maybe - but he still clearly has a romantic streak. For example, in previous marriages George would go on tour for weeks on end, leaving his wife at home. That's not true with Nancy - he wants her with him wherever he goes, and tries his best to make the surroundings comfortable. "I got a new bus," he reports. "We've got a shower on there, and all the necessary equipment for making a full-course meal, which she can do pretty good." Indeed, the bus is quite a showplace. The roomy main cabin features a mirrored ceiling, there's a TV in the bedroom and the cabinets are full of the Possum's own new lines of food: George Jones sausage, George Jones White Lightning bottled water and George Jones steak marinades. There's also enough room in front for George - dressed in his pajamas - to watch a video screen above the windshield with his legs stretched out comfortably.

Despite the comforts of their home on wheels, George enjoys time at home with Nancy more and more. "You miss home a lot more when you get some age on you," he says. "More than I did back when I was young."