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Jimmy Wayne: Questions for Dessert

The winners of the Riders Jeans-sponsored dinner with Jimmy Wayne let you in on their after-dinner chat.

Recently, Country Weekly announced a contest sponsored by Riders Jeans that gave the winner a dinner with Jimmy Wayne at the luxurious restaurant The Palm as well as a session with professional stylist Sherita Leslie of Maximum Artist Creative Services.

Karen Waisath and her daughter, Whitney, of Mesa, Ariz., came to Nashville, all expenses paid, and sat down with the affable country singer for a night—and a meal—they’ll not soon forget. Joining them were Jimmy’s manager and a record label representative, along with CW’s marketing director Jeff Meltesen, who coordinated the contest.

Karen, who owns a home-based business, Gold Canyon, returned the blessing by bringing gift packages for each of her hosts, including candles and room sprays with some of the most natural aromas to be found anywhere (except in nature itself, that is). To find out more about Gold Canyon, simply go to

She and her daughter also had a special gift for Jimmy—a mug for his ever-growing collection, filled with questions they wanted him to answer during their time together. We asked Karen to share Jimmy’s responses, in her own words. Here they are, from one Jimmy Wayne fan to another.

Do you have any hobbies?

Jimmy is an antique collector. . ..and likes to look for coins. He also exercises regularly and runs a lot while traveling.

Who is your favorite artist? Do you ever see them live in concert?

Jimmy mentioned quite a few artists that he admired and looked up to [Pop/soul duo Daryl Hall & John Oates among them]. We know he mentioned Keith Urban but we are pretty sure he said he hadn’t been to one of Keith’s concerts.

We are so impressed with your charity work. How do you decide what charities to work with . . . and how can we get you involved in ours (The Prayer Child Foundation)?

Jimmy said he loves to help out charities dealing with teenagers in need, foster homes, etc., because he has lived these trials and wants to make a difference in these children’s lives! He also said he would LOVE to help us out with our charity! (Now, we just need to find an open time in his busy schedule!)

What gives you your passion for life?

MUSIC! He seemed to be completely motivated by everything he was involved in with his music career—everything from writing, recording, live performances, the fans, etc., seemed to empower him. He also mentioned that his charity work was a huge motivator!

Do you write your own blogs?

He emphasized that he is a writer. . . . and writes his own stuff, be it songs, blogs or Twitter entries! (We were impressed!)

Give us a “typical” day in the life of Jimmy Wayne.

Everyone at the table laughed and said Jimmy is an avid Twitterer! And . . . to find the real answer to this, he said we could follow him on Twitter! However, one thing was for sure, and that was that Jimmy started each day with a cup of coffee! Going to a writing session, recording studio, etc., were the things he told us he does on a regular basis. However, the next day after our dinner he had a photo shoot with People magazine!

When you go out, do you get irritated when people come up to you? Do you ever try to dress so they won’t recognize you?

No! He didn’t ever get irritated or dress so they won’t recognize him. He loves his fans and seems to love any opportunity to connect with them.

What is your favorite song that you have recorded?

Jimmy didn’t really answer this question. Instead he turned it around and asked us, “What is your favorite song on my CD?” Well . . . I had a hard time deciding because I love all of his music. . . . however, a couple of my favorites are “I’ll Be That” and “Brighter Days,” because I can’t stop singing this song after I’ve listened to it! Whitney knew immediately her favorite was “I Will”—track 2! We then continued around the table telling our favorite Jimmy Wayne song. It was interesting that we all had a different “favorite” . . . which proved how great his CD is!

You are very open about your troubled youth. What words of advice do you have for Whitney to help her make the most of her teenage years?

Jimmy’s advice for Whitney was to “enjoy your youth.” He said that as an adult you have to work hard to survive. He told Whitney that, as a teenager, she needed to enjoy each moment and enjoy being young and free. (He told me that I might not appreciate his advice of telling her NOT to work right now. Ha! Ha!)

You can tell a lot about a person by their form of transportation. What kind of car/truck do you drive?

Jimmy drives an SUV.

Do you have any pets?

Jimmy has no pets. However, he did say he loves animals!

What is your favorite food? Is there anything you won’t eat?

Jimmy said he’s not too picky of an eater but tries to eat healthy. He liked salads, steak, and sushi. We gave him suckers from our home state of Arizona. The suckers had dead scorpions inside. Jimmy said that there was NO WAY he would ever eat these suckers . . . so we know he’s NOT into Fear Factor food!

How many people travel on your bus when you are on the road?

His entire band travels with him on his bus. Jimmy seemed to be very clean and makes them all shower after a show! He averages three showers per day—including before and after a performance.

Do you ever have to do a show when you are really not in the mood? If so, what do you do?

Jimmy said he is normal and has a few “off” days. However, very rarely does he not feel like performing. All it takes is for him to see the crowd and feel their excitement and he is READY TO GO!

Many artists are known for their “high-maintenance” demands. Do you have any?

His manager answered this one for us. She said he is very low-maintenance and only requires water and crackers to keep him happy!

We believe that anyone can accomplish whatever they set their mind to. What are your goals . . .and where are we going to see you in two years?

He laughed and said, “To be on the cover of Country Weekly!” (For the record, with his talent and charisma we think he will make it on the cover sooner than two years!)

“We had so much fun asking these questions to Jimmy and learning more about him,” Karen writes. “At the end of the evening there was no doubt that he was an amazing guy with tons of talent and an even bigger heart! We were fans before this night began . . . but admired him even more after the night was over.”