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Country's Bryan White and his stunning wife, Erika Page White, show off their new baby boy.

Outside, it's all quiet on a beautifully manicured street in suburban Nashville. Inside, however, is a different story.

"I've always wanted a studio in my house," declares Bryan White, pulling up a stool behind his drum kit in his home recording studio.

He starts rhythmically pounding the bass drum lever with his foot and tapping the cymbals with his sticks while balancing his nearly year-old baby boy, Justin, in his lap. "C'mon Justin! Count 'em off! One, two, three..."

Bryan puts the sticks in Justin's hands. After the tyke whacks a drum several times, he throws one of the sticks across the room. "He's a one-stick guy," laughs Bryan.

Baby Justin giggles and coos, completely unfazed by the loud drum sounds.

"Bryan's mom was a lot more understanding than I am," reveals Bryan's wife, TV actress Erika Page White, with a smile. "She let him play drums in their apartment! I don't think I could handle that."

Bryan, who hit it big in the mid-'90s with a string of No. 1s - including "Someone Else's Star" and "So Much for Pretending" - is making full use of his studio these days. After taking some time off the road to write songs and participate in every aspect of new fatherhood, he's ready for round two of his career.

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