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Come inside the Music Row home where the stars of 'Nashville Star' spend their time offstage.

You've seen them every Saturday night on the USA Network's Nashville Star - but what happens to the contestants during the week? As was the case last year, they hang their hats in a house that's been specially prepared for their stay. Like last year's house, this one's near Music Row and decorated with quirky, eclectic designs that honor country music's past while celebrating its present and future.

Before any contestants were eliminated, all of them were living together in this large, twostory, four-bedroom, four-bath stone house nestled inconspicuously among Music Row offices and record companies. A motorcycle is parked, improbably enough, in the bright yellow foyer. There's a note on it that says, DO NOT SIT ON MY BIKE. THANKS, SHANIA.

Throughout the house, photographs depict various Nashville scenes. There's a generous supply of musical inspiration. The jukebox is stocked with The Essential Willie Nelson, The Essential Johnny Cash and, of course, the self-titled debut album of Nashville Star's 2003 winner, Buddy Jewell.

Guitars festoon the walls of the living room, painted a vivid blue and decorated with a humorous, "cowboy" take on Leonardo DaVinci's "Vitruvian Man." There's also a computer desk where the contestants can check e-mails, send faxes or print out song lyrics to learn for an upcoming show.

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-- Story by Wendy Newcomer