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Story by M.B. Roberts

Jamie O'Neal is right at home on a balmy, tropical island - but an icy glacier really warms her heart.

"I like the warm, but I love the wintertime!" explains Jamie. "I love going to Colorado and skiing. I love looking out at the snow and having a fire. I also love a blizzard. So I guess I'm weird!"

Now this whole Shiver thing makes sense. "Shiver," the title cut on Jamie's debut album and her latest single, is a sexy ballad about that certain someone sending chills up your spine. In the song's video, a fake-fur-clad Jamie stands alone on a barren, Canadian glacier and sings her heart out.

Even though Jamie's now cool with the cold, her life's bubbling over with hot, hot, hot connections. She was born in Australia, a place known for its sun-baked outback region. Earlier this year, she topped the charts with her debut single, "There is No Arizona," a song about shattered dreams set against a sizzling desert backdrop. She's a sun-kissed blonde who lived in Hawaii as a child and California as a teenager. And when she got married last year, it was on the beach in Seaside, Fla.

And the sensual heat that Jamie generates when she sings "Shiver" derives in no small part from a special guest that joined her in the studio when she went in to cut the self-written song.

"That's my husband singing backup," she beams.

Jamie met hubby Rodney Good at a recording session not long after she arrived in Nashville in 1996. She was the singer, he was the engineer. A mutual friend, Russ Zavitson, who produced The Wilkinsons and The Kinleys, started playing matchmaker.

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