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Kenny Chesney, country's hottest bachelor

Story by Wendy Newcomer • Photo by Chuck Jones

It's not your typical bachelor pad. There are no dirty dishes in the sink, no dust bunnies lurking in the corner. And there are no signs of dirty underwear anywhere. No, it's not your typical single guy's abode - because Kenny Chesney is anything but typical.

This guy happens to be country's hottest star on the rise. Coming off two blockbuster tours with George Strait and Tim McGraw, a seemingly endless string of chart-toppers and three million-selling albums, Kenny's barely had time to enjoy the sprawling Nashville brick home he moved into last winter.

"My mom said there was no way she could live in this house because she couldn't walk this much," says Kenny with a sheepish grin. "She said, 'It's a good thing the laundry room and the bedroom are on the same floor!' You know, guys don't think about that stuff."

As Jimmy Buffett plays on the stereo, Kenny grabs a guitar and ventures out to his front porch. It's a long, peace-inducing overhang with white rocking chairs, ceiling fans and French doors that open into his dining room. "I spend a lot of time out here at night," he says. "Last spring, I'd invite people over and we'd sit out here all night. It's like another room."

Room, in fact, is what drew Kenny to the home. "It's very spacious - and there's not a curtain in this house," he says, pointing to the sunlight streaming through the window panes. "Everybody says, 'You've got to get curtains.' But I just love the light."

Kenny's growing fame may make him reconsider getting curtains. He's reluctantly building a fence and gate.

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