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Recently we gave online Country Weekly readers a chance to ask the country superstar group Rascal Flatts questions about their lives and music. During a busy holiday touring season, Jay DeMarcus, Gary Levox, and Joe Don Rooney answered them and we've posted them below! ENJOY! Q: Who would you like to tour with and why?
A: Merle Haggard --- because he is Merle Haggard. Q: What is it like being on tour together and does it get crazy sometimes?
A: It's great, but tiring and it is always crazy in some ways. Q: If in ten years you are not doing the same thing you are now. What can you see yourselves doing?
A: Probably writing songs and producing records for other people. Q: What is the one question that no one has ever asks you that you would want to be asked?
A: I think that I would want to be asked what other things in my life that are non-music related mean the most to me. Q: Which artist/s do you think your music most resembles?
A: Our music is a combination of all of our influences we had growing up and it continues to evolve as we grow. Q: If you could visit one place where would it be?
A: Italy Q: What do think of the "traditional vs. pop-country" argument that seems to be the talk of the genre?
A: I believe that country is country. I also think that the country format is unique in that it has room for all of us. Q: Would you ever consider going to Iraq to perform for our troops?
A: It would be an honor and we hope to get the opportunity in the near future. Q: Out of the cities that you have toured, which one would you live in which one do like to perform at the beat?
A: We have been fortunate to tour with Toby Keith, Brooks and Dunn, and Kenny Chesney over the last couple of years and have seen a lot of America.
To pick just one would very difficult. Q: Who's your biggest musical influence?
A: We all grew up playing and singing with our families and I would say they had a huge influence on all of us.

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