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How It Brings Some Star Couples Together -- And Splits Others Apart

Story by Chris Neal

Could it be? One of country's most eagerly rumored, feverishly discussed and hotly debated couples is a reality: Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have stepped out together.

The best example came at a recent Hollywood party, when a TV reporter spied Garth and Trisha holding hands and asked them what was up.

"We're here together," the superstar replied coyly, as Trisha smiled at his side. "So that's kinda what you do."

But it wasn't the first time the pair has been somewhere together recently -- sightings of the twosome have been popping up like dandelions. First they were seen holding hands at the funeral of legendary songwriter Harlan Howard in Nashville. Then came a flurry of reports, including an item in the Nashville newspaper The Tennessean: Garth and Trisha were seen in one Music City restaurant after another having romantic dinners! Garth and Trisha were seen taking a long stroll together!

In a recent radio interview, Trisha was not too forthcoming about the topic. But she did offer this: "It's a 14-year friendship that we have to preserve, and we're just taking it slow. It's a weird thing to have known somebody that long and then all of a sudden you're ... going out on a date."

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